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Jeunes Chefs Rotisseurs Competition
Competitor Programme
TUESDAY, September 17

All competitors arrive
Casual Dinner at TasteMarket by SAIT

WEDNESDAY, September 18

hosted by Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence


6:15AM   Gather in Lobby

6:30AM   Depart Hotel for Canadian Beef Producer Ranch
Scenic tour of Canadian rangelands

The tour will be hosted by a Canadian beef rancher. Here the group will:
Connect with a multigenerational family operated Canadian Beef ranch to learn what it takes to grow high quality, safe, sustainable and humanely produced beef

Understand the importance of genetics & the quality differences between the Bos Taurus and Bos Indicus breeds

Learn about Canadian Ranching Heritage

Study the positive impacts of cattle grazing on the natural environment and wildlife

Discover attributes linked to terroir; clean air, clear water, wide open spaces and high-quality grain feeding programs

10:30AM   Depart Ranch, Lunch En route

11:45AM   Arrive at the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence
Canadian Beef Advantage Presentation

Discovering the Canadian Beef Advantage, the group will gain a further understanding of:
The four Canadian Beef Brand Pillars; The Producer, The Product, Our World Class Standards and Sustainability

The Canadian Beef value chain from pasture to plate

The Canadian Beef Grading system, CFIA and other third-party regulators that ensure for a safe, consistent and premium quality product

1:30PM  Canadian Beef Butchery Demonstration and Workshop

The Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence provides incredible sensory experiences. The group will explore:
Butchery and culinary innovations

Underutilized cuts

Value adding processes such as charcuterie and Dry Aging

Applications of cutting-edge butchery and culinary technology
technical attributes and characteristics of the product

Canadian Beef Product Tasting

3:30PM debriefing discussion

4:00PM depart for Hotel

6:00PM Official Welcome Dinner at Hotel Arts

THURSDAY, September 19

Thursday morning everyone will be driven to Big Rock Brewery, to have a special tour for professional culinarians.

This will be followed by lunch at Foreign Concept restaurant, with our host Chef Duncan Ly, Officier Maître Rôtisseur.

2:00PM arrive at SAIT competition venue for
•    Briefing
•    Photographs
•    Kitchen tour and question period
•    Panel with three previous International winners
•    Dinner at The Highwood Dining Room at SAIT

8:30PM return to hotel

FRIDAY, September 20

 Competition Day

SATURDAY, September 21

9:00AM Competition debriefing
4:00PM Awards Ceremony, Grand Reception, Gala Dinner

Hotel Information

Official Hotel

Hotel Arts

119 12 Ave SW,
Calgary, AB, T2R 0G8
Tel: (403) 266-4611