Le Cordon Bleu

Main Partner of the International Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition

A worldwide leader in Gastronomy, Hospitality and Management



Le Cordon Bleu (President: Mr André Cointreau) is a world renowned network of educational institutions dedicated to providing the highest level of culinary and hospitality instruction through world class programmes.

Le Cordon Bleu continues to evolve by combining innovation and creativity with tradition through the establishment of Bachelor's and Master's degrees in business that focus on the demands of a growing international hospitality industry.

Through our international faculty of Master Chefs and industry professionals, Le Cordon Bleu applies its distinctive teaching methodology where students gain experience through ands-on learning.

Le Cordon Bleu is considered to be the guardian of French culinary technique through its programmes that continue to preserve and pass on the mastery and appreciation of the culinary arts that have been the cornerstone of French gastronomy for over 500 years.

The top reasons to attend Le Cordon Bleu

Surround Yourself with Traditions of Excellence
With over 100 years of teaching experience, Le Cordon Bleu is considered by many to be the world’s premier culinary arts institute.

Learn from our Distinguished Faculty
Over 80 Le Cordon Bleu chefs from the finest kitchens and Michelin-starred restaurants pass on their knowledge and experience daily to their students. Not just instructors, they are mentors providing lifelong inspiration and support to graduates.

Receive a World Class Education
Le Cordon Bleu also offers the most complete and comprehensive training in classic French culinary techniques available today, with many hands-on hours in teaching kitchens under the guidance of world class chefs.
Earn a Great Career
Each graduate leaves Le Cordon Bleu with the skills to launch an exciting career not only in the world’s leading restaurants, hotels or resorts, but also as a journalist, author, instructor, consultant or entrepreneur.

Be a Part of the Alumni Network
Le Cordon Bleu programmes start students on a journey that inspires excellence, creativity, innovation and personal enrichment allowing them to embark on to successful careers or personal pursuits.

Meets the Needs of Tomorrow’s Culinary and Hospitality Industry
Le Cordon Bleu courses are up-to-date and industry relevant. With innovation and new technologies, Le Cordon Bleu continually adapts its academic programs to the future needs of culinary, tourism and hospitality industries.

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