The focus of the Jeunes Sommeliers Competition is on a competitor’s ability principally to demonstrate proficiency in technical as well as salesmanship skills in table-side service. Knowledge of wine and beverage theory, as well as deductive tasting will also be tested but the principal marks will be awarded for table-side service skills.

The Jeunes Sommeliers Competition is intended to provide a meaningful challenge for the working young Sommelier. The testing will give young professionals, whose knowledge, skills and demeanour are worthy of the accolade, the opportunity to vie for the title: “Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Best Young Sommelier”.

The Competition shall commence with a “Semi-Final” (comprising Written Theory, Deductive Tasting and Service) held on one day in which all competitors shall take part. Only the Judges and the Competitors are to be in the exam room. There are to be no observers present.

On the following day, the three competitors with the highest aggregate scores in the Semi-Final will participate in the “Final” which will be open to the public.


1 - Written Theory
A written theory questionnaire of multiple choice and short answer questions.

2 - Deductive Tasting

A test consisting of four wines tasted blind.

3 - Service

Practical table-side service tests take place across three stations. Competitors are scored on their knowledge, ability, style, table manner/presence and panache at each station.


Practical table-side service tests take place across four stations. As for the “Semi-Final”, competitors are scored on their knowledge, ability, style, panache and table manner/presence at each station.